Quality & Environmental Policy
Important Information
The entire workforce of Dubai International Hotel is committed to providing to its guests a service that will entice them to remember and return, whilst recognizing its responsibility to minimize the impact of its business activities and operations on the environment.
We have taken the first steps in implementing an integrated Quality Management System (QMS) and are fully committed to continually improving the effectiveness of this system, with particular emphasis on enhancing guest satisfaction, minimizing waste, encouraging recycling and preventing pollution.
To ensure the proper implementation of this Policy, we have developed specific objectives, where appropriate, and will monitor performance against these objectives. Where required, proper corrective action will be taken and the objectives will be regularly reviewed and, where practical, improved.
We will strive to ensure a secure future for employees and owners, through our commitment to comply with relevant statutory and regulatory requirements, including environmental legislation and regulations applicable to Hotels and leisure industry, and any voluntary standards and codes of practice to which Dubai Airports, subscribes.
We shall ensure that this Policy is communicated to all persons working for, or on behalf off, Dubai International Hotel, and shall actively seek the support of our guests, suppliers and members of the public by making them aware of the Policy and gain their help in achieving its aims.